For those of you who don’t now me. My name is Louise, I’m 32 and from Dublin. Im the Author of ButlerByningItOff The Book!

I was very overweight and over the past 4 years I have been sharing my journey with you all. After I got to the finale 20 of Operation Transformation I decided to go it alone anyway and have never looked back since..

Im currently living in Qatar Doha with my husband Jack working in a hair salon.

Cooking is my passion and I have created this website to share extra recipes that are not in my book to keep you all intreated in home cooking and fresh food. I use my platform to show people that health homemade food does not have to be boring! No more fad diets! Just good healthy tasty food. Falling back in love with cooking has been an eye opening experience to the amount of take away food I was eating, so lets get cooking….