So on Friday the 23rd of December I reached my 90lb weight loss. To think this time last year, I was terrified starting all of this and so afraid I was going to fail. As a hairdresser Christmas is such a busy time of year trying to get everyone pimped for Christmas parties and what not. I love my job but always dread the Christmas mayhem. This year was totally different. I felt like I was walking on air everyday not carrying all that extra weight. I had so much extra energy and the normal aches and pains of a full day standing were gone. I bought a few new outfits for nights out and the joy of going into any shop and picking what I wanted was so amazing, as previous Christmas’s I would be in tears trying to get clothes to fit and normally settled for something black and baggy.

I enjoyed lots of nights out with family and friends with better decisions made. I was cooking Christmas dinner this year and made some extra healthy options to make it a little easier. But of course, I dove head first into a few boxes of roses and celebrations and once or twice ended up in a cheese coma. After all it was Christmas. I enjoyed a full week not being totally on plan. But I didn’t go too wild.

So, once the fun was over it was time to hit the scales. This is something I don’t think I have ever done straight after Christmas as I would still be eating everything in sight until the end of January and longer. But I knew the longer I left it the more damage that could be done. So, I was up 2lbs. I shared this with everyone as I wasn’t ashamed of it. It showed me I could control myself around food and drink and I now know when enough is enough!! Something I couldn’t do before. I was determined to get back to my 90LB loss. I got an amazing camera off Jack for Christmas so be prepared to be bombarded with pictures of my healthy meals.

My Snapchat has also had a massive increase in followers which I am so great full for. I love sharing my healthy meals and new creations with all my followers and to hear you love the music I chose and how I have changed your outlook on healthy food, and show you it doesn’t have to be a bowl of grass.

Snapchat username: louisebb1987

On the 2nd Jan, I began my own OT group with my gym Kaizen Dojo. We had a great turn out for our first week and everyone was so motivated. We have weekly walks and fitness classes and one weigh in a week. Knowing that I can help and motivate others to do what I have done this last year is the best feeling in the world and when I think about how much easier my life is not carrying the extra weight I want everyone to feel how good it is. Week one and we had a loss of nearly 80lbs and we had another 20 join up! There is no stopping us now! I weighed in and lost 2.5lbs so not only am I back to – 90lbs I also got rid of a ½ lb. I made the decision to eat the food so I had to make the decision to get back on track and focus on my goal.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed some treats and time with family and friends. Please don’t be afraid to step on the scales. Get on check out the number and plan!! Getting on is the first step, accepting it is the second and moving forward is key.

Louise x

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