Banoffee Pie

You will need:

  • ½ pack of lighter digestive biscuits
  • 3 tblsp of coconut oil
  • 227g dates
  • warm water
  • x2 bananas
  • 1 large pot of vanilla yogurt.
  • Dark chocolate and flaked almonds to decorate.



Melt coconut oil, crush biscuits and mix both together. Press mixture into tin until its smooth. Leave in fridge to set for one hour.

While base mixture is setting:

Date mixture: add pitted dates to food processer, pulse on low until small bits remain. Then add hot water while the blender is on until a paste is made. You will need to scrape the sides down as the mixture is very sticky. Be sure to only ass enough water to form a paste as too much will be too liquidly. Add each table spoon at a time and check consistency if found about 6 table spoons worked for this recipe.

Spread the date mixture over the biscuit base then place the bananas on top of date mixture cover with yogurt and top with dark chocolate and flaked almonds, then try not to eat the entire cake!

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